Dubai is known as the “City of Gold” and once you arrive you’ll quickly find out why. In such a beautiful and exciting there’s no shortage of things to do while you’re there.
Dubai is known as the “City of Gold” and once you arrive you’ll quickly find out why. In such a beautiful and exciting there’s no shortage of things to do while you’re there. Compare flight price Read this list for some of the best things Dubai has to offer, from the thrilling to the chill to the downright delicious. There’s no doubt in my mind that you’re going to have a mind blowing experience no matter which one you choose to do first! for more info visit our site

1. OceanAir Travels

From what we’ve all seen in the movies, we know the desert is an incredibly beautiful (and vast) place. We also know that it’s very wise to always bring a guide with them. Compare flight price  OceanAir Travels is the one of the top tours offered in Dubai and they offer city tours as well as some extra amazing desert safaris. If you want a truly unique experience they even offer a day at the Al Khayma camp. At the camp there’s a camel ride, a traditional meal and performances, and then ending the day stargazing in the complete darkness of the desert.  It’s really the best way to live the magic that you felt reading Arabian Nights for the first time! If you prefer to stay in the city however there’s of course plenty to do there as well. Ocean Air is the most rated tour operator in TripAdvisor and are really the cream of the crop when it comes to seeing this magical city. Book tickets now

2. Global Village

Have you ever been to Epcot? Did you love the World Showcase? Well, then I can guarantee you’ll love the Global Village! It’s a collection of several pavilions, each representing a distinct world culture with its own food, music, dress, and even language! The 2019-2020 season begins on October 29th and runs until April 4th so start planning your trip now. Each pavilion is really well done with great attention to detail and is well worth a visit! What’s also interesting is to see the interpretation of each showcased culture through the lens of Dubai and the richness of its own “home” culture! And let’s not forget the mountains of amazing and fresh food they offer across the park as well! Get ready to eat your way around the world when you visit. The tickets for entry are super affordable and make for an incredible afternoon. You’ll have no trouble spending 4.5 (or more) hours here exploring every nook and cranny of this enormous place! Book tickets now

3. Splash Tours

If you’re looking for another must do in Dubai, Splash Tours is a great way to see the city from a different perspective – from a boat tour! They give a few excellent sightseeing tours and have even been awarded the certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor. The have several different types of speedboat tours available and have all of the routes and details posted on their website as well. The guides are well trained and know a ton of information about not only the city but also what to do in Dubai in general! Compare flight price  And don’t worry, they’ll make stops along the way to get those perfect photos (without the wind blowing your hair everywhere). One tip I have is to book your tickets ahead of time as they do tend to sell out before the boat leaves. You don’t want to be left on the shore and miss out on this fast-paced tour of this gorgeous city! Book tickets now

5. Dubai Roadsters

Dubai Roadsters is another great way to see the city that may be a bit unexpected. They offer group cycling rides suitable for all levels, from professional to hobbyist as well as friendly and welcoming chat as you ride. It’s a great way to meet locals and see the city while getting some good exercise too, a real win-win! They’ve been meeting up to ride through the city streets for almost 20 years now and are one of the foremost experts of cycling while in Dubai. Even better, the rides themselves are free and you know you can’t turn down a free (and fun) tour of the city while you’re there! Just be sure to bring your bike and any equipment you’d need for a safe and comfortable ride. Make sure you bring plenty of sunscreen if you’re out for a ride in the strong desert sun! Book tickets now